4K x EDIUS collor grading by EDIUS Pro 7

The era of 4K has arrived with its FullHD×4 resolution.
We will soon be able to enjoy contents that are four times as beautiful.
But what does that mean?
It means that the boundary between photographs and videos will be blurred, and videos will eventually be able to assume the role that has been played by photographs.
The videos that used to be restricted within TV monitors can be freely integrated into computers, tablets and poster frames in the streets.
The videos will be freed from 16:9 aspects, and can be inserted flexibly into designs like with photographs.
Yes, videos will soon find the infinite world of design.
We believe that the era of 4K will dramatically expand the world of videos.

Direction : Moeru Maruyama
Videograph : Nobuhiro Koda(ALOHA CREATIVE)
Web Design : grkt Inc / Masaru Seya
Art Direction : Kazuya Imamura
Model : Ai Kumano
Camera : EOS-1D C

Presented by Grass Valley Grass Valley
Grass Valley K.K.